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WVCC - Club Member Showcase - Steve France

As a teenager I inherited a Zenit E, using 35mm B&W film I was soon snapping away as much as my modest pocket money would allow.

Once I started work I could afford better kit and upgraded to a Canon AV-1, AE-1, A1 and a Tamron 70-210 slide zoom.

The spare bedroom was converted into a darkroom and I moved into the dark art of developing and printing with a Durst C35 enlarger, lots of trays and chemicals. I spent many hours perfecting my skill set in that little room. This was when terms like cut & paste mean exactly that.

Inevitably, careers and kids got in the way and so I traded in all my kit for a Canon EOS 500. Limiting my photography to recording holidays and the kid’s childhood.

Fast forward too many years and I found myself sat at MotoGP in Italy, watching the photographers with envy, the bug had bitten again!

I acquired a Nikon D3200 with kit lens and I was off, soon adding more lenses and visiting every motorbike event I could afford. When Covid hit I found I had the time and money to fully exploit my hobby but no opportunities as everything was in closedown.

Taking my camera out on my daily exercise, I re-discovered the beauty of nature and wildlife as I tried to avoid humans. 

I now have more kit than is reasonable for any one person to own and spent more time out with my camera than working, long may it continue!

As to whether my skill as a photographer has improved over time is a matter for others to judge, I am content with the fun and enjoyment that photography brings to my life ….

Photography Equipment – Nikon D500 + Nikon 500PF as my tool of choice plus lots of others …..

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