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Wight Vision Camera Club
Q & A

Q: Do I need a camera or be knowledgeable about photography to join the Wight  Vision Camera Club

A: No , Wight Vision Camera Club openly welcomes members of any level of photography,from complete begin to professional level.

Q: Do I need to own high end photography equipment to join the Wight Vision Camera Club


A: No , it is always wise to remember a typewriter never wrote a great novel .The camera is a peice of  equipment used to record what we see , it is the photographer who makes the photograph not the camera.A simple point and shoot is still capable of producing a stunning image.

Q: How do I know if becoming a member of the Wight Vision Camera Club is right for me to help expand my photography skills and knowledge 


A: The club prides itself on its friendly and relaxed atmosphere which we feel is vital in helping club members who are new to photography gain confidence with the camera.

Q: If I do decide to take up a membership , do I need to attend the regular monthly meetings


A: No , Once you have taken up a membership , you are welcome to attend as many meetings as you wish .

Our monthly meetings are a popular way for club members to not only get together as a group to share their photography knowledge but to become involved with the clubs schedules.

We are not run in a traditional photography group format , Wght Vision Camera Club is steered by its club members ,who are actively encouraged to help direct each months photography content.

There are plenty of exciting organised photography days out and trips throughout the year you may wish to attend along with other club members .

Q:Can I take out a membership halfway through the year


A: Yes of course. Wight Vision Camera Club annual membership is renewable on the 1st January each year at a cost of £12.00 per year, but anyone is welcomed to complete a membership at anytime of the year which will become renewable on 1st Jan


Q:Can I attend a Wight Vision Camera Club meeting if I am not a member


A: Yes. Non members are welcome to join club members one of our regular weekly online meetings to see if the club is right for them . Once you have attended your first online meeting , you can then decide if you wish to take a full annual membership

Q: Once I am a Club member can I bring friends with me on any of the organised photography trips

A: Wight Vision Camera  Club members pay an annual membership that entitles them to join the monthly meetings ,organised trips , days out etc, therefore , unfortunatley we do not permit non members to join club members on organised trips , days out etc as it would be unfair on Club members who have paid a full membership in order to join in the organised photography events or activities or make use of any photography tuition being given. The only exception to this rule ,would be if club members have organised their own event.


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