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WVCC - Club Member Showcase - Nigel Neve

My Skill Level= Beginner!.. with close to 50 years experience.


Discovering the photographic process at school when we made a pinhole camera during a Science lesson, I bought my first real camera in 1973 when I first started work. A Zenith ‘E’. A fabulous camera to learn on, its inconsistencies, while frustrating at times, forced you to learn  every aspect of image capture. It also taught me what I thought I, personally, might require from a camera and with this knowledge in 1977 I bought an Olympus OM2n which served me right up to 2008 without once letting me down. I went fully digital then with the purchase of a Nikon D200.


Over the years I have had many other cameras, from Lubital, Yashicamat and  Rolleiflex TLRs, to point and shoot pocket cameras of every kind. Having played in darkrooms during my years with film media I had no idea how much I disliked that process until I discovered Photoshop, now, when it’s raining, the pubs are shut and there’s nothing on telly you’ll find me in the ‘Shop’ just fooling around!


I am happy to capture images by whatever means possible, whether it be on a top-of-the-range Nikon, an auto everything P&S, a scanner, a phone (a constant source of amazement!) or a shoebox!

Owning a Horse and two riders I find myself doing far too much equestrian photography but I do manage to get out and combine my other interest in live music and shoot a lot of Rock Gigs! Wildlife is a big draw for me, as is Macro, Tabletop, studio, cityscapes and night-shoots.


About the only aspect of photography I am not so keen on is Landscape.

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