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WVCC - Club Member Showcase - KJ Dudley

Karen-Jane Dudley took the decisive step to progress a long held interest in photography into a full-time profession in 1998.


With a passion and background in conservation, KJ's photography career was destined to follow the same path, leading to KJ becoming an award-winning professional wildlife photographer .


KJ’s works have been published globally, with images being featured in published works in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Asia, USA, Australia, the middle east and throughout Europe. Publications include Nat Geo Wild, The Daily Mail, and Barcroft Media.

KJ's works have also exhibited at Dimbola Lodge (Isle of Wight), Greg Fleischman Studio (Los Angeles), and the George Eastman Museum in New York. Three of KJ’s images were also displayed on big-screen features as Kodak Photo of the Day in Times Square, New York.


KJ hosts a number of annual ethical wildlife photography safaris across the African continent in support of vital Conservation efforts alongside hosting numerous photography workshops across the UK.


Alongside KJ's passion for Wildlife Photography, she is also a regular with the cameras at many pro-cycling events across the globe throughout the year - including the Tour de France.


Camera Equipment: Nikon : 




Heart light 2021 - High res - K1 Photography
moonlight spirit
Colour_Karen-Jane Dudley _ Wild Wight Camera Club _The thinker
 Wight Vision Camera Club - K J Dudley -Majesty
hyena close up
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