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Meet the team

Dianne Wheeler

Wight Vision Camera Club - Treasurer - Club Administration Team Member - Assistant Club Events Organiser

My Photographic journey started with an Olympus Trip camera with 35mm film when I was in my 40’s which I just pointed and took snaps. I didn’t realise that you had different settings on a camera.
Most disheartening when you think you have taken a good photo and your prints come back with blurred images.


I then purchased a Nikon Coolpix which enabled me to transfer my images direct to my laptop, still using factory settings.
I eventually bought a Canon RebelT3i which I also used on factory settings eg: sport mode, portrait mode, night mode and macro. This enabled me to get a better image but nothing outstanding.
On my 56th Birthday my husband and myself went to Sandown Zoo where we met Karen Jane Dudley, KJ to those of us in the club, who very kindly gave me an impromptu lesson with my camera.


For the first time I used Aperture Priority and I was off on my real photographic journey.
I joined the camera club then and have been on days out
learning to use my camera as it should be used.


My husband, also in the club, bought me a Nikon D5600 which I took to South Africa on our honeymoon.
We joined KJ on one of her Ethical Wildlife Photography Tours in South Africa and my photography improved significantly that week.

I love photographing wildlife and flowers, so would like to master macro in the future.


I am enjoying my journey immensely and being in this club.

click on the images below to enlarge to see more of Diannes photography

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