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Meet the team

Karen J Long

Wight Vision Camera Club - Assistant Administration Team Member - Club events and Programme assistant

Encouraged by my parents and my great aunt, who was a “proper” photographer, I’ve had cameras on and off since childhood including a 110 film camera, a 35mm film camera, an Advantix film camera and a basic pocket-sized digital camera. With the introduction of smartphones, I drifted away from cameras completely and just used the one on the phone I always carried with me. I liked being able to take photos whenever it suited me. Taking more regular photos started a more in depth interest in photography and I bought my first proper digital camera in February 2019, a Panasonic Lumix TX70, pocket-sized with a fixed lens but with full controls like a DSLR.


I joined a photography workshop in January 2020, which was where I met Karen-Jane Dudley (KJ). I learned a lot from KJ during the workshop, but more importantly she told me about her camera club and I went to my first monthly meeting. However, just days after my second meeting, the UK went into lockdown because of the Covid pandemic. With so many restrictions, photography really came into its own for me. I took my camera on my daily walks and shared photos with family and friends. The club moved online and the weekly meetings quickly became something to look forward to with photo presentations, technical evenings, fun, laughter and our very own world tour.


Gradually the restrictions were lifted and the club was able to meet face to face again. I was able to properly meet the people I’d seen during the weekly online meetings and I’ve learned a lot from them. There is no shortage of advice available, all I need to do is ask! I bought my first DSLR in September 2020, a Nikon D3300 with a Nikon 18-55mm lens, and a telephoto lens in June 2021, a Sigma 70-300mm. Having the option of different lenses for different situations was a challenge at first, but my photography improved as a result and I bought my current DSLR and telephoto lens in August 2022, a Nikon D5500 with a Nikon 18-55mm lens and a Nikon 70-300mm.


I enjoy a range of photography genres and experimenting with different editing styles.

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